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So, I usually don’t post personal things but I decided I was kinda proud of these. If ya didn’t know, I’m a dancer (student). I had requested to have senior shots because it’d be my last year at my studio and this was the final product and I don’t know, they make me kinda happy :)

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Eduardo Souto de Moura - Two houses, Ponte de Lima 2002.

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The Beaker House

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美少女戰士-水手之星篇 by 靄羅
Sailor Moon


美少女戰士-水手之星篇 by 靄羅

Sailor Moon

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miss led | tumblr | fb


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DVF New York Flagship Store

Fashion design company Diane von Furstenburg Studio resides in a new six story structure in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Designed by WORK Architecture, the space multi functions as the company’s flagship store, showroom and event space, administrative offices for the 120 person staff, and my favorite part the penthouse apartment sitting on the top floor.

Featuring its own roof top garden, an essential part of luxury living in New York; which also includes a spacious deck for lounging and entertaining purposes. A glass structure comprised of multiple triangular panes allows light to illuminate the apartment. The luxurious design elements continue throughout the penthouse, with the focal point behing the Swarovski crystal lined staircase.

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One of these is not like the others…


what do you mean? these all look like they can entertain my baby cousin

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